The Over/Under provides a continuous uninterrupted supply of racks to the assembly line under operator control.


Over/Under machines incorporate two lanes, one over the other, with a vertical lift. Empty racks are indexed over top of full racks being linefed. Rack handling time is minimized through dual cycle forklift operation. Deadheading is eliminated and it is possible to index large groups of containers simultaneously.

Over/Under machines conserve valuable floor space adjacent to the assembly line by utilizing available air rights (doubling use of available space). Available with tilts and turntables, variable pick height and floor flush walk-in capabilities. Typical cycle times of 32 seconds are provided and faster cycle times are available - consult factory. Offered in various technologies. 


Features and benefits

  • Maintains assembly line up time - reduces requirement for demand service by providing a container buffer accumulation at point of Linefeed

  • Assembly operator efficiency is increased by reducing waiting time and by having loads travel to operator instead of operator traveling to loads

  • Accurate and reliable load positioning facilitates interfacing with robotics and dedicated automation

  • Conserves valuable plant space and reduces congestion

  • Zero pressure full accumulation - maintains a 6” space between all unit loads being conveyed

  • Modular design incorporates the very best of functional reliability, performance and flexibility

  • Fully automatic operation by PLC - with manual override controls and Dual Direction Capability

  • Increases robotic and automated assembly tooling throughput up to 20%

  • Employee Safety increased by eliminating forklift movement and container handling adjacent to the assembly line

  • Reduces fork lift travel - empty racks can automatically accumulate back to aisle

  • Ensures no relative motion occurs between transfer bed and the unit loads, thus eliminating load jams, product damage and equipment damage

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