Trademarks and Patents

Trademarks and Patents

SailRail is committed to continuous development in its products and organization. Over the years we have trademarked and patented many of those innovations; some of which are shown here.

IndexAir™ has revolutionized rack transfer systems. Our unique air bearing technology gently lowers and carries racks ensuring high quality parts are always available and correctly displayed. This proven system is depended on by customers around the world, moving thousands of parts daily.

IndexER™ systems benefit from the unparalleled design features of our IndexAir™ systems, but are based around a mechanical transfer system that utilizes lift and carry technology.

SailRail's ErgoKart™ is the ideal solution for fork free environments. Fully customizeable and exceeding ergonomic criteria the ErgoKart™ is available in a full range of of custom designs for specific applications.

The SailRail AccuTurn™ allows for precise and accurate rack positioning, controlled acceleration and deceleration and can be designed for robot loading and unloading.

FlowAir™ is the gravity flow version of our unique air bearing technology. Introduced in the 1970’s it provides a reliable first-in-first-out storage system that operates safely, quietly and cleanly with no mechanical moving parts.

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The Roboloader® is simple static device capable of utilizing air rights lineside to present two racks, a primary and back up for robotic part picking