IndexEr systems benefit from the unparalleled design features of our IndexAir systems, but are based around a mechanical transfer system that utilizes lift and carry technology. IndexEr systems can be loaded/unloaded manually, by robot, forklift or AGV and are available in all automation platform configurations.

IndexEr Features And Benefits

  • Designed with Safety and Ergonomics in mind - fully guarded, eliminating pinch points
  • Accurate and reliable load positioning facilitates interfacing with robotics and dedicated automation
  • Low demand maintenance requirements due to proven design and highest quality components. MTBF and MTTR feedback proven
  • Handles unique load footprints which are difficult for conventional conveyors
  • Zero pressure zone accumulation - maintains a 6" space between all racks being conveyed and ensures no relative motion occurs between IndexEr transfer bed and the unit loads, thus eliminating load jams, product damage and equipment damage
  • Fully automatic operation by PLC - with manual override controls and Dual Direction Capability
  • Low profile, rugged construction, no pits required, overall height of only 13"
  • Wide weight range capability handles weights up to 1500 lbs/linear foot of conveyor
  • Modular design incorporates the very best of functional reliability, performance and flexibility
  • Highest quality materials, manufacturing equipment and workmanship as well as dedicated engineering and project management teams will ensure complete turnkey project satisfaction