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SailRail Automated Systems Inc., a Tier 1 automation supplier in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany and South America. Material handling solution provider specializing in over under, side by side, linear, l-shape, chain, roller, and FlowAir conveyers. Also leading in ergonomic equipment, carts, dollies, lift tables, tilt tables, turn tables, flow racks, and new products like RoboLoaders.

We specialize in linefeeding, conveying, exchanging and displaying racks and containers for manufacturing, assembly and stamping operations. Equipment interfaces range from manual operator control with forklift loading/unloading to fully automated solutions with robotic and AGV delivery functions.

SailRail also designs and supplies heavy-duty carts, turntables, lift tables and tilt tables to complement our handling solutions. An extensive line of products designed for fork free environments are available.

Our scope of service can include the supply of equipment for an individual work cell application to the design, manufacture, test and integration of equipment for entire facilities. SailRail has been a Tier 1 automotive supplier for over 20 years.

We have also provided material handling solutions for the food services industry, the Canadian Coast Guard, copier toner plants, and various facilities that manufacture everyday household products.


Conveyors & Automation

  • Over & Under
  • Side by Side
  • L- Shape
  • Linear
  • Tower
  • IndexAir

Line Side Ergonomics

  • Turn tables
  • Lift tables
  • Tilt tables
  • Stands
  • Tilters

Carts & Dollies

  • Carts & dollies
  • Standard & Custom
  • Quad steer heavy duty
  • Ergonomically integrated carts & dollies
  • Carts with onboard ergonomic devices

Pipe & Connector Systems

  • Flow Racks and Workstations
  • Picture Gallery

Storage & Retrieval

  • Roboloader
  • Stacker/Destackers
  • Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (AS/RS)
  • Flow Rack & FlowAir
  • Steel Storage Systems