SailRail’s ErgoKart® combines rugged welded construction and ergonomic engineering to form an easy-to-use, high performance cart

Our ergonomic design creates a low push-pull force for operational ease
The ErgoKart can be outfitted with many options to increase plant flexibility. These options include:

  • Rotating top deck
  • Lift deck
  • Tilt deck

Our many ergonomic devices can be modified to interface with our ErgoKarts® to further increase their flexibility and utilization

Comes with the following options:

  • Tugger Operation - can easily connect with up to five other units for towing purposes
  • Hand push Operation - low initial and sustained push forces
    4 wheels or 6 wheels - based on weight and forces required
  • Fork lift pockets for moving and/or stacking
  • "V" shaped handle, ergonomically designed, lined with gum rubber for grip and shock resistance
  • Positive floor lock (braking device) to ensure ErgoKart remains stationary during operator loading/unloading of parts.